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Overview of Components: Our core technology has been around since 2005 when we created the first windows only Ding (Distributed Ping) agent for service provider troubleshooting. This has now evolved to the feature rich and more capable multi-platform proxyNM agent and server.

Our agent is commanded by the central server. The agent can run any one of an ever growing library of tests.

The results from these tests are returned to the server and passed on to a big data instance where they are made available for reports, dashboards & visualisations, thresholding and  alerts.

Our core design principles are:

  • Security of end user platforms and data: we never snoop or sniff and cannot control or configure - we must be trusted
  • Massive scalability: to support shared cloud deployments and service provider scale - its baked in
  • Low resource footprint: small agent downloads, low CPU and memory usage - its like we are not there
  • Multiple agents: multiple instances of agent can be installed by multiple enterprises, individuals and service providers on the same end-user computer with no interworking or sharing of information - no interference between agents


proxyNM Agent: Our agent can be run on Windows, MacOS, Linux and RaspberryPi platforms. Results are normalised in the agent so a consistent view is available to the consumer of these results.

The agent uses UDP to establish communications with the proxyNM Server and no 'inbound' access to the agent is required. Agent installation is simple taking less than 10 clicks to complete. No user configuration is required.

Agents are secure. They can be stopped, uninstalled and upgraded remotely. More information on our approach to security is available in the statement below labelled "Security, Snooping, Sniffing & Stopping"

Read more about our proxyNM Agents in our blog [here]


proxyNM Server: Any number of secure java based proxyNM Servers can be deployed to ensure that our solution is massively scalable for our service provider customers.

proxyNM Servers command and control agents and also receive results. These results are passed on by our servers to our big data layer.

Communications between agent and server is secured.

Typically the server components are deployed in the cloud - we usually deploy on AWS.

Private cloud deployments are possible however we will try to talk you out of it!

Read more about our proxyNM servers in our blog [here]


UI, Reporting and Dashboard Big Data Servers: We use commercial off the shelf technologies to deliver our presentation and big data layer.

Core within this layer are technologies from AWS and elastic search. 

The layer will generate and distribute reports by email, render and present visualisations and dashboards and also perform thresholding and alerting.

These server components are also delivered in the cloud and once again we will discourage, but reluctantly support, deployments in private clouds.

Read more about our UI and big data layers in our blog [here]

Important: Security, Sniffing, Snooping and Stopping: It is important that you and your customers/end-users feel safe using our services:

  • We always stress that while testing we, and thus you, never look at any of your customers private information on their computers. We/you cant see their usage or browsing history.
  • We/you can't see when they are using their computer, when they are working or what they are doing.
  • We/you never sniff at their network traffic - we don't write software that can do this - all of our tests synthesise their own traffic.
  • We/you cannot control or reconfigure their computer. We certainly cannot install any new programs on their computer.

There are other solutions from other companies that do all of these things but we don't and won't write software that can do any of them and don't work with service providers that want us to do that. It's just not our market or our 'thing'.

At any time you can uninstall our agents and services - you don't need us to do that for you - you are in control. You can also allow your customers to have this level of control too.

We do not share your, or your customer, contact details with anyone outside of our company without your express permission.

TelcoSI's History

TelcoSI are a trusted, privately held Sydney based software business. We have been around since 2001. We have always had a focus on telecommunications and on service management.

Our customers include Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, ANZ Bank, ASX and many others large and small.

We enjoy what we do. We strive to work with people and businesses that share our optimism for what technology can do to enrich experiences. 

Watch an overview
See what Digital-Experience Management is and where TelcoSI's proxyNM sits in that space?
This video lasts around 10 minutes and comprises a whiteboard overview of Digital-Experience Management and of TelcoSI's proxyNM
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