About You and About Us


You might be a Service Provider: You want to grow your business. you want to improve your margins. you want to differentiate from the crowd through innovative customer services and service-options. If your customers are having a problem you want to help solve it in a cost effective way. You want to demarcate issues so you only incur the costs to fix those that are your responsibility. Your customers want self service options.

You might be an Enterprise: You want to give staff flexible work from home options. You want to attract and retain the very best team members. You want your investment in tech to be an asset - one that makes staff more productive. You do not want to spy or snoop on your staff - you trust them to work contentiously. You want to know your staff are having tech issues and help them quickly when the do. You want your staff to know you trust them and to know you are going the extra mile to support them.
You might be based at home: You use the home internet for work and for pleasure. You share the home tech with your family members. You may not be a technical export but you need your tech to work. When things go wrong you need to know who to call. You get tech-support from your ISP, your office, your cloud/SaaS providers and many more. You need to provide your tech-supporters with information that will help them to help you.
We are TelcoSI: We believe people deserve a better experience from their tech. We want to work with people who share that belief and are looking for innovative ways to deliver. We believe that staff should be trusted and not spied on. We believe a growingly tech-savvy community need to be trusted with performance information to help decide who they call on for support. We believe that providing these options and this information will lead to happier, more loyal and more productive staff and customers. We are excited to work with like minded companies and tech-leaders.
TelcoSI's History

TelcoSI are a trusted, privately held Sydney based software business. We have been around since 2001. We have always had a focus on telecommunications and on service management.

Our customers include Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, ANZ Bank, ASX and many others large and small.

We enjoy what we do. We strive to work with people and businesses that share our optimism for what technology can do to enrich experiences. 

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